About Author

Greetings dear visitor!

My name is Svitlana Chernenko, I’m Ukrainian artist.
Thank you for interest in my artwork!

Drawing paintings is an absolute contradiction of my education. However, this is completely my essence, which is much more important in my opinion! Very often, people cannot put their thoughts in the right words, but it is even more interesting to convey emotions and feelings via paints and brushes! I live in emotions and I love to sincerely share them!

There are three basic rules that I always follow:

1) draw only in a good mood;

2) take only those orders that I really like. Only then it is possible to realize all ideas of the customer and get positively «charged» work created with elation;

3) use only high-quality material in my paintings pleasant and comfortable to work with and which will make happy and inspire the owner for a while.

It is incredibly enjoyable to fill the room with mood, style, soul!

If you are not indifferent to what is being placed on the walls, you want to breathe life into your room, emphasize style and individuality, then every detail is important.

I will be glad to take part in realizing your dreams!

In March 2022 I had to leave my country. I lived in Scotland till July 2023. I created two collections of artworks, I had my own exhibition in Dumfries(Scotland) in August 2023. I always take part in London art exhibitions, July 2022 took part in auction in Tokyo. Happy to join any charity project supporting Ukraine.

in July 2023 I came back home, live and work in Kyiv. I am happy to answer any questions, to send artworks all over the world, to create art on order specially for you.